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Barrier1 is a new generation of security appliance for a new gneration of security threats.

  • Stops blended threats
  • 99.99% antispam effectiveness
  • protects data, audio and video

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09.09.14 – This morning it became public that The Barrier Group was issued its first patent. Patent number 8.832.833 was published at the office of the USPTO. In addition we have several more in a “Patent Pending” status. All patents are milestones, however, this brings a process together. Read More

The Barrier1 Difference

With the ever-increasing complexity of today’s security threats, a new generation of security appliance is needed. With the constant barrage of blended attacks, zero day attacks, mutating worms and viruses, rootkits and other potentially devestating threats, the Barrier1 appliance from The Barrier Group is designed to identify and neutralize network attacks.

Next Generation Security

Barrier1 uses intelligent threat management, which combines highly sophisticated multi-dimensional analysis with instantaneous reaction and defensive capabilities. The Barrier1 is a comprehensive network security solution that is able to analyze the entire network, recognize known and even unknown threats and react to those threats instantaneously. Barrier1 is the breakthrough product that delivers the next generation of security.

Intelligent Threat Management

The Barrier1 appliance, which resides at the customer site, monitors and analyzes multiple onboard security technologies (firewall, IDS/IDP, antivirus, antispam, and so forth) as well as various points in the network itself (such as routers and switches). Barrier1 monitors over 730 different log formats, so virtually any attempt to compromise the network is detected, reported and stopped. Patent-pending AARE software holistically and intelligently gathers, correlates, analyzes, interprets and stops attacks. Through this cross-communication of network points, Barrier1 takes network security to a previously unseen level of depth, breadth and effectiveness.

Barrier1 vs FireEye, Lastline


Barrier1 Breakout session at Briforum 2013 Chicago


As featured in SC Magazine!

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Network Products Guide Best of 2008

Barrier1™ wins Network Products Guide Reader Trust Award for Best in Intelligent Threat Management.

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